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Originally Posted by Greg60525 View Post
Good me more control and additional temp if needed.

Thanks for the detailed response to my questions and concerns. I've been cooking at 250, so not hot and fast, but not low and slow, either. I want to try 270 or so.

Do you think there would be any issues with burning clean at 250 when using a Stoker or Guru? Basically, how low do you think you can go before having issues?

Well first, 270 is not the end all of temps. It just works best for my technique and rub. Each is dependent of one another. I like crispy real bark, and juicy tender meat inside with great penetration of flavor.

The stoker will do fine on your gear as long as you don't load it incorrectly. This rule is just like NOT using the stoker. Its about timing and the size and condition of your fuel when you load it.

There are guys that use it and dial in 225 and it is fine. Smaller fire. No need to obsess about white smoke with the stoker. It will NOT get around fire management laWS. However, it can bend them a bit.
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