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As time permits, I'm going to go through as many of the minutes as I have and list the amount of times that committee chairs that are up for reelection have filed reports at the monthly meetings.

Reporting on your committees actions or inaction isn't the end all and be all of their contributions, but I do find it telling. I would appreciate input from those more in the know about why someones activity doesn't mean they should get your vote or why their inactivity doesn't mean that you should exclude them.

According to the 20 different BoD meeting minutes that I went over from 2007 to current, Paul Kirk has had a committee report for his committee (education) 4 times. He has had no report 15 times. One copy of the minutes was inconclusive.

No reports:
April 08
Jan 09
March 08
April 09
May 09
May 08
June 09
July 09
August 09
September 09
September 08
Nov 07
Nov 08
Dec 08
Aug 07


Dec. 07

I hope that this is helpful to others as it was a pain in the *ss to go through.

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