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Moose - great use of simple solution. Kinda like what we all used to do before they sold the charcoal chimney lighters. #10 can did the job.

BUT one word of caution. The can you show in the pix is obviously of vintage variety. So many of the cans on the market today have an interior liner which contains plastic, and part of that plastic is BTU. While the jury is still out on the verdict as to whether it leeches into our food - if you were to heat it up on the grill, the stuff would possibly incinerate and become one with the smoke. I'm sure the levels would be small - but over time, not a good thing.

So - if you use this great simple idea make sure you clean out the can or use one that isn't treated on the inside.

Man-oh-man - so many things to worry about these days!
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