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This reminds me I need to post my Video Mod on the Brazos (my big offset) to accept the stoker.

First, what creosote issue? There is none. None. Period. Nada. And I hope you didn't derive that from my videos on overloading because. If you did blood is going to start squirting outta my eye. LOL

Seriously, the poster was just commenting on the "Yahoos" that saw my WOOD packed and Coal Packed videos and thought I was trying to cook meat. Often people skip around in videos like porn and miss crucial things. In my experience, the stoker makes that fire much cleaner. As you read on you will see why. Of course I am a hot and faster so I am not going to get anywhere close to smoking something out.

Second - I am a strong believer in the air management system (AMS - the series of pipes fabbed my the owner to connect to the AMD or Air management Device.) Now if you have a stoker or a Guru and a little Bandera or an egg or even a drum you MAY not have problems with coreout (defined below). On a larger pit, like yours, You can EXTEND the air coming out of ther stoker through a pipe with holes in it so that your entire firebox has air, not just the part where the air comes in.

Here are some vids showing this. The second vid I think I was just using a popcorn machine blower and an Oven Thermostat.


Before the Stoker

So as you can see the air is going on all parts of my fuel supply. At 1:34 you can see my air supply on the Meat Mama to the right.

On your system I would not TOUCH the air inlets. I wouldn't ven block them with the stoker. More on that in a minute. I would cut a hole coming in the back if you can to accept and weld in a pipe which could then be split, threaded and capped so that it could supply air throughout the firebox and your wood supply and not just where it comes in. I could talk for days about how much better this works. I DO NOT like to touch exsisting air inlets for two reasons.

First - If you sell the unit a nice double capped pipe exiting the back allows you to sell your pit without having to address some mod you made to the vents. It returns the pit to the OMSpecs with little mods. You can always say the pipe coming out is for future AMD the new owner may want to provide.

Second - and this is the most important, say you want temp that the AMD cannot provide, like if your making pizzas or a Clod at 400 degrees or if it is REALLY cold and windy. The AMS (air managment system) is not blocking an existing vent and you can open it up for more air than the AMD can provide for your purposes.

The Brazos AMS. I can't find the damn pics so I had to take some of a vid.

Attachment 33438
Here the AMD is connected to the AMD and routed back to the firebox.
Attachment 33439
Shot through an open vent the right side of the capped pipe. You should be able to see the little hole for air. I think I have a total of 9 and the pipe layout is like a hockey stick.
Attachment 33440
The left side of the pipe (the inlet is in the center and splits to both sides). I might add a 90 degree turn where the cap is and come about 30 inches to the front. I plan to rebuild the firebox anyway with a rack that swings in and out should I wanna sear some briskets, ribs or Clods right before i put them on. The while firebox on this thing needs to be cast in the sea of forgivance..... the person who did it didn't know anything.

A COREOUT is when you lay out your fuel supply and the nozzle is close to the wood or coals that you have in your fire area. At first the air easily blows on the fuel supply. As time goes by this fuel supply gets burned up and leaves a hole in a pile of COAL that looks like a cored out section. It can do this to wood stock too. Over time the fuel supply burns out and gets FURTHER from the air supply and thus makes the Stoker air less effective. Sometimes, eventually, because your vents are closed and tghe stoker is the only thing providing air, the fuel source gets so far away that it goes totally out. Or the fan runs and runs and your temp is nowhere near where it needs to be.
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