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Originally Posted by SkySaw View Post
Of course, I have seen every minute of every video you have produced that mentions the word Stoker. Also read about the yahoos who talk about choking the fire and creosoting your food...
Mark and Funk,

Talk to me about the creosote issue.............does the Stoker keep the fire burning hot enough to prevent the issue (I burn only wood)? Can you maintain that thin blue smoke? I would like to try one out, but before I spend the cash I'd like to be sure this is not an issue.

Does the Stoker give you longer burn times, saving fuel?

I have a Gator Pit offset, which has a 48" long X 24" dia. food chamber and a 24" long X 24" dia. firebox. It has 2 spin open type air inlet dampers. How would you configure the Stoker for this set-up? Would you replace one of the dampers with the fan and close the other or would you replace both dampers with 2 fans? What size fans would I need?

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