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Originally Posted by T-Que View Post
This seems to be the most informative forum on the Stoker. Looking for some help... Since RocksBBQ has not answered the phone (busy all the time) and has not answered my emails I'm hoping maybe you guys may have some insight. I currently have a couple of BBQ Gurus, a Competitor and a DigiQ with 2 10CFM fans. I love theme but, truth be told I'm a geek BBQ'er and really like the remote possibilities of a couple of smokers, a Stoker and a iPhone.
I'd like to think the BBQ GURU CyberQ would give me what I need because I really like those guys but they are a generation away from real wireless with web based control, and quite frankly Stokers lack of response when I'm trying to spend money with the doesn't give ma a great feeling about product support. But...I'm still looking at them and posts like these have me thinking again.

- Is there a fan adapter for a Backwood's Smoker (Party model) and is there one for a Stumps?
- Did you have to use any additional equipment (USB to Wifi bridge) to make your Stoker wireless?
- If I bought the Dual system with and additional pit probe and meat probe I would be good for 3 pits. Of course I would need 3 fans and 3 fan adapters. Any thing else?
- Concerning fan sizes. Will a 5 CFM handle a Medium Big Green Egg? What about a Large BGE? Would a 5 CFM handle a Backwoods Party or would I need to go to a 10 CFM?
- By some strange twist of luck are BBQ Guru fans adaptable to the Stoker?

Any help here is appreciated!
Thanks in advance
I can't help you with many of your questions - but all you need to go wireless from the Stoker are 1) a wireless router (obviously) for your home network, 2) a wireless bridge, or game adaptor, or Airport Express, and 3) a bit of ethernet cable to run from the Stoker to the wireless bridge. The Stoker has an ethernet port, no usb port.

The 5cfm fan is plenty to run a Large BGE. It easily ran my Large Egg up to 350 degrees, with a platesetter in the Egg for an indirect setup. It also kept the Egg at that temperature without having to cycle the fan very much, so I assume that the 5cfm fan could heat the Egg up considerably higher than 350.

I'm pretty sure there's a youtube video of a guy running a Stoker on a stumps, but you should check youtube to make sure.

The Stoker fans have a metal gate that opens when the fan is running and closes when the airflow stops. The Guru does not have this, so you would have to do some work to make a Guru fan function the way a Stoker expects. I think a Guru is a 12 volt unit, whereas the Stoker is 5 volts, so there may be power supply issues as well. So, the fans are probably not interchangeable.

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