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Default Reheating

So I wanted to run this by you folks...

Is it me or does leftover BBQ that has been reheated seem way smokier then when you first took it off the grill?

I'm talking about after you've eaten your fill and put the leftovers in the fridge in aluminum foil or something. The next day after re-heating it in the microwave or whatever it tastes just way smokier and really no very good at all.

How do you guys reheat? Especially you pro's?

I feel like reheating is really an essential element here because so many items (turkey, brisket, ham, shoulder, etc) yield way more servings then I need. Does that mean I have to restrict my BBQ regimen to burgers and dogs until I have a party? No way. The un-smoked life is not worth living!

So I ask do I do this so the food tastes off the grill yummy even after being frozen/refrigerated?

I have seen mention of freezing in some type of special bags and then boiling to reheat? What kind of hardware do I need to make that happen and is the reheated food quality worth the investment?

An answer to this dilemma would be huge because I feel I throw away way too much.
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