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Originally Posted by txschutte View Post
Great start. A few questions, if you don't mind.
1. What is the axle weight on the boat trailer you are using? I had thought about a similar setup, but was worried about the overall weight of the smoker on the trailer.

2. Actually, an extension of #1. What will the total weight of your trailer when finished?

3. The boat trailer, will the metal on it support the weight of the smoker while bouncing down the road? Do you plan to reenforce it in any way?

I'm just curious, I hav all but abandoned my ideas and the build based on those questions. If you have some viable solutions, I may revisit my build. Thanks.
Looks great anyhow!

EDIT: On a side note, check out the boats section of craigslist, most boat trailers are waaaayyyy overloaded, and the frames hold up fine. The only concern I really have is the axle, so don't let a c channel frame stop you from building yours.
Txschutt, all great questions that I expected of anyone that looked at the trailer. Since the sticker is worn beyond reading, from the manufacturer, the axle is either a 1250, or 1500lb. I expect the finished product to weigh in right about 1100-1300 lbs fully loaded. I will take it to a scale when I'm finished as I need the weight to get a plate for it. If I'm over I'll replace the axle (they're cheap to buy) My reasoning is, the trailer itself weighs 300lbs tops, the smoke chamber weighs right around 350 lbs, I figure with the firebox, warming/cooking chamber, and all the other "features" I'll be right at the max of the axle, but we'll see.

the outside frame of the trailer is tube steel, just the cross members are "c" channels, so structural integrity isn't a problem. But, if I did have c channels for the outside frame, I wouldn't worry as there are plenty of ways to make the smoke chamber part of the structure. My smoke chamber is two pieces, one is 1/4, and the other is 3/16, not by plan, but things got messed up in relaying of what I wanted ( someone gave and rolled the steel for me free of charge so I'm working with what I have.) The two pieces together have plenty of strength, so you could weld diagonal braces to the outside frame to tie the chamber into it and give it more strength. I'm hoping I won't have to replace the axle, but if I do, then, that's the way it goes.
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