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Default Nomex gasket - DONE !!!!

Finally got around to putting on the Nomex replacement gasket on the XL. First, I re-watched the Nomex installation demonstration video's on SmokinGuitarPlayer's website to get all the finer points down (like putting the new gasket in the dryer for 30 minutes to pre-shrink. spraying the adhesive on the dome rim and gasket, etc.)

I knew the scraping, cleaning and adhering was not gonna be an issue, but I was concerned about trying to re-align the dome given the size/weight. Sledneck was gonna lend me a hand but I decided to see how it went this AM on my own. Surprisingly, I did it solo. Did the $1 bill test and overall it's good but everytime I made an adjustment to correct one side, a different area was now less tight. I got it in a place that I think covers 90% as good as I'd hope.

At least the two mediums will be muh easier to handle should I look to replace those at some point.

Gonna let it settle today, but definitely planning to give it a workout next Sat & Sun.
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