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He He He
Test 1 Top Secret Results "Meat Mama 300 Hits 644 degrees!"
Test 2 Top Secret Results "Meat Mama hits Ambient Surrounding Temperature"

Test 3 (a) Initial Test after Rock Tweaked for Big Unit

Test 3 (b) Cold Test

Test 4 Mess of Coal

Test 5 (a) Mess Of Wood
Test 5 (b)

Please in either case pay attention. Every time I post these some yahoo doesn't pay attention and says I am ruining meat and that its not the way to properly smoke meat. These are test to show how durable the stoker is.

Look here at about 1:20 - New Programs for the Stoker go far beyond where you are buddy! Its called Stoker log and it will call you up on your damn PDA.

Stoker Log and a Small Clod

I could not get Brazos Pit (8000) up to my smoking temp of 270-325 or the meat mamma up to 400 (for making Pizzas) without this thing.

Google Stoker and you get my Vids. TF-8&sa=N&tab=wv#
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