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Default Got a Stoker.

I just bought a Stoker. I wanted it to not only control/monitor those over-night cooks, but also have the ability to put on dinner and do other activities (stuff with the kids, etc.) while monitoring/controlling the Egg from the palm of my hand. Also I'm hoping that it will keep me using the Egg as much in the winter as I do in the summer. The wet, cold, early dark, and snow make putting dinner on the Egg more of a challenge, and I hope the Stoker will keep me from making too many trips out to the Egg.

The whole reason for deciding on a Stoker rather than a Guru was that I wanted to be able to not just monitor, but also control the Egg from anywhere (like the park, on a walk, etc.). After reading a lot about the process, I was a bit worried about the difficulty of getting the Stoker talking on my home network and on the internet. It turns out it was actually really easy, and took about 30 minutes in total to make the necessary changes in my home network and the Stoker to get it running.

So now I can control my cooks from inside, or on the road. My pulled beef took longer yesterday than I expected. By the time I had to take the kids Trick-or-Treating, the beef was only at 170 degrees. It hit 190 while we were out, so I took the Egg down from 250 to 210 to let it ride until I got home. By the time we got home, the beef was at 197. On the first day of use, it helped me out of a sticky situation! Such is the life of a busy smoker!

I'm really digging this Stoker.

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