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Originally Posted by motoeric View Post
When considering who I will be voting for, my three main concerns are:

1) Do they support transparency?

2) Do they support effective communication with the membership?

3) Will they do the job they are elected to do?
Eric, I've been saying all along that I am completely in support of being transparent... that the members should know what goes on in meetings by being able to listen in or attend, what our budgets are, how our money is being spent, etc. The Board is elected by members to represent them. The members should therefore have no problem seeing just how well each board member actually does this. Along these same lines, the board members should make every effort to stay in contact with and know what the members are thinking. They need to listen, plain and simple. And without a doubt, they should do what they were elected to do. However, I sometimes think we've seen board members who do what they THINK members want them to do or they do what THEY think is right and do not always consult with membership.

If elected, I will always vote in favor of more openness to the members and to share vital information with members. I plan to keep a Web site available online with my thoughts and opinions and will welcome and encourage visitors to respond with their's. My opinions are mine but my voting record will reflect the overall opinions of the membership who let me know their feelings. Any member will have access to my phone numbers and email at all times. Afterall, I would be representing YOU, not myself - and THAT is what I believe, I would be elected to do. Correct?
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