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Originally Posted by NorthwestBBQ View Post
I agree with popdaddy. No way can you get the same smoke ring or penatration from gas + wood smoke as opposed to charcoal/wood pits. I call it a "phony smoke ring."
In an official capacity I want to distance myself from this comment. RESPECTFULLY. Now the only Phony smoke ring I could think of would be a chemical one.

I also defend the gas/log oven type of smoke ring - it is real alright. Riings don't always perfectly form on full pits (not pit/ovens). But rings and flavor are not related as much as you think.

Not that I disagree with all of what northwest says (unofficially), just it all depends on some interesting factors. I saw Vincel Mares make some incredible brisket that had no smoke ring whatsoever it was cooked so fast. Depending on the humidity and Bobby Muellers mood, his briskets can have the same thing, plenty of smoke flavor and no ring. This happens when you cook a damn 14 pound packer in 5 hours, LOL. We all know what they cook on too.

I think the pit/oven cook has a different flavor profile due to the affect of the meat juices on the fire and that bath of mist that lands on the meat as a result more than the "smoke"

Respectfully yours

Samples of some of the best Beef and Spare rib BBQ in the world (on a good day) and not much of a textbook smokering..

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