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Here's my pork butt rub. I slather with cheap yellow mustard (CYM) and then liberally sprinkle with this rub:

Pork Rub

6 paprika
1 celery salt
1 sugar
1 sage (be sure it's well powdered)
1 mustard
1.5 chipotle
1 onion powder (sifted through screen-type strainer)
1 garlic powder

Using tablespoon as the measure yields just enough rub to do six racks of ribs.

Make this as needed. It can be stored, but it clumps badly.

NOTE: chipotle powder can be prepared from fresh jalapenos by smoking them
until dry and brittle or nearly so. Then toss the peppers on a pan and toast them in a hot oven for 3 minutes or until the smell comes out. If you let them go longer the kitchen will fill with acrid smoke. Out of the oven, they should be very brittle. Break off the stem and grind the remaining whole peppers in batches in the spice grinder. A dust mask is an excellent idea.

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