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Originally Posted by ClydeDale View Post
I received an email today from Artic Products concerning the purchase of their 22.5" stainless lid. It was quoted at $27.95 plus shipping and handling. I think this is a pretty good deal for a proper fitting stainless lid.
Mine wasn't proper fitting!! I had to get the BFH out and wack it a few times! Still didn't like the fit as it was just sitting on the lip of the drum and a good stiff wind could have knocked it off. Made a mod that solved that problem. Got 4 #10 machine screws and nuts. Drilled four holes around the lid to accept the screws. They angled in very slightly. Now the lid is rock solid. Next problem with the screws was now it held the lid the width of the nut and washer!! Fix for that was to get some furnace cord and glue to the lid, wal-la, tight seal. Now I can bang on the drum to knock the ash off the coals and not worry about the lid falling off.

Of course if you have read the entire UDS thread(I did) you will know that all drums are not made equal. You may get lucky and it WILL be a proper fit .

Good luck, I should get a kick back from Arctic yours will be the second other than mine that has been purchased since I found them!!!!

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