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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
I wasn't having any issues with "trial and error" I had read enough of the thread to know how to do the mod with the cheepo grill, I guess I just missed the page where Norco showed the cheepo grill that was the size I needed. The grills I was finding in most stores were the smaller ones that fit the smaller fire baskets most people are using. If I had known I was going to get flamed like this for trying to pass on what I thought was good info I would have kept my $.02 to myself!!!
Hey Drifter- I came in at pge 30 and built a barrel and now have over 40 that have come thru my garage.There are lots of regular contributors here since almost day one who have shaped this thread. They can be crusty sometimes but then you read back a few pages and you find them busting their balls helping someone- guess we all have good and bad days. I try to keep up with this thread but not always successful. Take what you can remember, use what you like but most importantly don't forget the pron!!! Oh, and ask anything you like-if the flames get too high just close the intake a bit. Look forward to your to your additions to the thread.
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