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Originally Posted by Cabntmkr1 View Post
Thanks to all of you for the great advice.
I got my SafeServ Certification today! Yippee!
Still need to call the HD back about that stationary license -vs- mobile license issue.
Also, the insurance co. said I could get a million dollar policy for $249.00/yr.
If I want a $2,000.00 rider for meat spoilage due to temperature loss it is another $50.00/yr.
Sounds reasonable to me... how about you?
Congrats Steve.
Safeserve not needed here (yet) for catering or vending. Are you planning on a mobile trailer or just on-site catering? No license required to cater i should think. Just common sense.
Liability sounds decent, Mike has our policy but i think its a tad cheaper. Meat spoilage ins.??? Might not be a bad idea.
Keep us updated on your progress!
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