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Originally Posted by willkat98
Welcome Bayou.

The Bayou Bio you gave indicates you are either in the military, or you are in a minimum security prison.

Is serving a term a code word for sentence?

And who the heck is B?


Welcome Brother.

Glad to see you posting.
I am not in prison. However, since I am just a few short years from retirement age from my local government, it sometimes feels like a prison sentence.

My "B" is my lonesome bandera. Here I sit in northern Nevada while my B is on Black Bayou in S.W. Louisiana. It is awaiting my arrival this coming June. This will only be a visit. In a few short years it is my hope that we will be united down in that misty swamp for lots of great cookouts in our "outdoor kitchen". The wood here in Nevada desert just doesn't compare with that in the south.

My wife is cajun. This is the reason for our move. I have taken the girl out of the swamp. They say that, "You can take the girl out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of the girl". It is my wish to return her to that alligator infested part of the world. The food and the culture in that part of the world can't be beat! Any alligator recipies out there?
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