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Thanks for the good idea about grilling meatballs. Y'all are great inspiration. Here is what i did today:

Took 1.35 lbs of 85/15 ground beef and mixed it with;
two eggs
some Lawrey's seasoning
half an onion, diced
a squirt of Bullseye BBQ sauce
a cup or so of leftover rice that was in the fridge as filler
several spoonfulls from the large jar of diced garlic we keep in the fridge
some fresh diced sage, rosemary and majorum
a handful of shredded mozarella cheese (probably a mistake b/c i think most of it melted out)

the above ingredients were rolled into balls a little smaller than a baseball and then each was wrapped in a piece of wellshire farms applewood smoked bacon.

instead of using toothpicks (which would've been too small anyway), I skewered each meatball with two sharp wooden shishkabob skewers is sets of three. i find using two skewers for each 3 ball "meatball shishkabob" is better than just one skewer b/c the meat is less likely to fall off the stick when there are two of them 3/4 of an inch apart if that makes sense.

the meatballs were grilled on my BubbaKeg for about an hour and a half at an average of 325 degrees until the bacon looked right (like y'alls pics). this was done on the upper level of my BubbaKeg with a pan full of water on the lower level to block the direct heat. at the same time i had a whole chicken in there cooking on a beer can in there, but that's another story.

all these meatballs need is a glass of red wine and a batch of the wife's homemade tomato sauce over some spagetti squash!
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