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Default Texas Fire Pit Chili and Stew.....(Prono)

Well, nice fall day. Looked more like spring actually. So I decided to get the fire pit going with some peeecan and put another layer of seasoning on the DO's. I made a (beanless, though I love beans in my chili) brisket chili and a sausage, potato, and collard stew. Also had a few brews and just basically hung out in the backyard listening to some tunes.

Making coals!

I had no choice but to wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Farking fall weather in the Southwest. Gotta love it!

One DO on. Just heating up some water to make some red chile puree.

Getting fatty meats ready to brown them up!

Top: bacon and onions for the chili. Bottom: polish, brats, and onions for stew.

Chopped point went in and first dump of spices too.

Fingerling taters for the stew.

Gotta hydrate myself!

A bubbling and concentrating!

Texas chili! Got some left for you OU fans!


I'm already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow.

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