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Default What do you think about this?

I am in the process of opening a catering/vending business in the spring. It will be a part time weekend business for now. I have been approached by someone who is starting up a vending business that will go around to job sites and factories during the week providing lunches. He is interested in buying BBQ from me to offer in his truck. Is this something you would consider? It worries me that someone like this will take my BBQ and let it dry out or put some nasty BBQ sauce on it and tell people he buys it from me, I would be worried people would say remind me never to buy Hogback Mtn BBQ. So I was thinking if I did sell it to him make him sign some kind of disclosure contract that stated he could not say it was my BBQ and just be able to say it was a generic BBQ or something. Or should I not sell it to him at all? Also if I did, what should I charge him? I plan to sell it for around $11.00 per pound when I vend. Thanks for your input!
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