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Originally Posted by Cliff H. View Post
I noticed that you rubbed the butts on all four sides. Do you blend the fat cap into the finished product ?

Great video by the way.
Actually to answer two questions yes Large Grained on 4 sides only and I FLIP them 2/3 of the way done and reapply on the fat cap. I remove all the INTERNAL fat and I do mix in the fat cap H O W E V E R

you will notice the sandwiches are NOT pulled other than pulled right from the roasts. The Bone if removed and often I may chop it 5 times with the bone and thats it. Actually, now that I think of it, instead of giving you the impression I REMOVE the fat inside I actually pick around it and leave it.

This is a Natural Sandwich that fits well into how I serve lately, which is about 300 or so sandwiches within about 45 minutes and then I am done. The customer chooses the sauce and thus why this is the Carolina and not the North South or East West Sandwich.

By the way... The DIRTY version of this video was so Ass Filled You Tube removed it within 30 minutes so I have to go back and tame it down.
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