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It's all about what the people want. It is after all why we do it.

Sometimes, I find it easy to get confused when perusing this wonderful, all encompassing forum. There can be quite a bit of difference in the way one must prepare BBQ for the masses, and for the judges, and the way one would prepare the same said BBQ in their own backyard, with and for their family and friends. I like to cook it all together.
I've never made burnt ends, except for the "natural" ones, but I can see how it would be a good vend item. Heck, I did make a whole brisket into a burnt end once when I drank too much and fell asleep.

I never ran a brisket cook until I got my drum. All the brisket cooks I participated in used big gassers too. I wouldn't personally do that again either. But I would for people whose only exposure to BBQ was Tony Roma's, Applebee's or the like.

I regularly cook for myself differently than I do my wife, or mother. I'll do two cuts, seasoned and cooked differently. Some like sliced, some like pulled. You can't make people eat what you like and enjoy it. It's also easy to see being able to offer the "booty brisket" with an optional leaner cut. At home, I usually slice the flat for sandwiches and cube the point for chili, or beans, but people around here think that anything other than ham shanks with bean is a disgrace.
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