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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I was wondering, it looked like some got a mustard sauce and others got no sauce. Or did they get a vinegar sauce? Does the large grain only go on 4 of the 6 sides of the butt? Is that what you were showing?

I personally like the mustard squirting sequence, though I suspect my Methodist church elders would have had a comment about your tongue hanging out.

I grew up here. In 1976 the Church was renamed First United from The "Howell Memorial"

There were a lot of hurt feelings. I have invested a lot of time cooking with the elders and feeding them... this in combination with Reviving the name Minnie Howell in my org has bond me to them again. Many of them went to school with my Dad. Without them, I would have not gotten as far. Sped up, the tongue out looks more crazed instead of evil. LOL It looked Evil and standard speed.
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