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Originally Posted by smoke-n-my-i's View Post
Yeah, I had to give you a jab.... I did notice the mustard (SC style). Now to make it a true Carolina, (NC style) put the slaw in the bun on the bbq.... like the old saying, try it, you might like it. The first time I saw it, I almost lost it, but I finally got up the nerve to try it... rather tasty in my book. Now we do it all the time, on dogs, burgers, etc.....

Hope you all do great and make lots of $$$. Great video too. I really enjoyed it.
Yeah we have about 230 pounds in advance tickets sold and a lot of pissed people cuz I am making the $5 crowd wait until Sunday after the final service. You cannot make an advance purchase unless you are gettig a pair of sandwiches.

I would LOVE to force them to eat the slaw. Actually its been hard enough to get them to buy the Pork sandwiches at all - texas being beef country. In fact the church forbid me to do it at all when I first started out. BUT after the Fried Whole Chickens, The Catfish Fry, The Big Chop (Lockhart Style No Sauce Brisket and Ribs and Mo (in which I refused to say what the Mo was) i HAVE EARNED THE TRUST.

Now what was funny was I Published the NAMES of all the people that SWORE they would not eat pulled pork and told everyone in the Church newsletter that "These People would be excluded from the EVENT due to close mindedness" and people shut up and sales went up.

The victims are all handled and thought it was funny - especially since I charged off their Rib Dinners the Month before.

So this will be a cool thing to get these Rancher to eat Pulled Pork.
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