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Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Might I suggest that we all take a deep breath here?

I like many other folks are here to learn and share our best tips to for everybody to create the perfect bbq.

I doubt that Neil really wants to make a movie on his brisket.
I had the pleasure of meeting Neil less than 2 weeks ago at the American Royal, pretty sure he is like the rest of us.
That means he is as proud as we all are for producing the best bbq possible.
He just wants to pass along his knowledge and tips as well as you do sir to make things better.
Uh What?

First of all Pookie Bear try reading below my initial post and realize I meant nothing like that. Furthermore, I know Neil too, so I am pretty sure he has not taken offense to my comment which was jokingly directed at "fat." and "health."

Please, try not to make trouble where there is none. I know you think you are trying to help and you typically think I am attacking people but Not Neil.
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Plus, anyone who DOES know about my videos knows I cut off SUBSTANTIAL amounts of FAT due to it being nasty and also a time waster. Fat = Time

Fat is then shipped of to make lots of this with my extra .89 cents a pound Choice Packers.
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