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First, I built the fire basket. I had a piece of 3/4-9 expanded metal that was 8-1/2" by 48". I wrapped it into a hoop and welded the seam. I then added a reinforcing strap around the top edge. I cut another piece of metal to the 15-1/2" circle I got. I also made a disc of plywood the same size. I jammed the plywood down to the depth I wanted, 6" from the top, and use it to hold the basket in shape, and keep the bottom in place while I welded it. The 2-1/2" of metal below the bottom functions as the legs. In the next picture, you can see that I added 3 brackets to it, and each bracket has a stud sticking down. This is so I can place the basket on my lower grill rack when I want to do direct grilling, such as steaks. The studs keep it from falling off the U-bolts that form the grill racks. I also made a handle (not shown) so I can lower it into the bottom of the pit for smoking.

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