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Default She's all done!

Came in at about $90. Which includes the $40 I spent for the Brand new in Box Kingsford Kettle of Craigslist.

16 gauge open top unlined, cleaned and seasoned Veg. Oil and a fatty.
Zinc Bolts burned clean with Propane Torch ( I know, I know) At least I burned all the Zinc off.

Parts robbed from the Kingsford Kettle include: top (which includes HOOK!)
Cooking grate and coal grate. 12 inches of expanded metal wrapped around that and 2.5 inch feet welded onto the grate. No ash tray yet. Just using aluminum foil in the bottom.
Kettle top only fit on the bottom of the drum. The top was 1/2 inch wider than the bottom. Works out better being able to remove the bottom.

All other measurements were taken from Norco's redneck UDS Thread.Thx Norco!

3 each 3/4 inch nipples. 2 capped and 1 ball valve.
Feet are made from square tubing cut at a 45. 4 each, very stable

First Cook.
9 Pounds Of Coal
Started with a Propane Torch
All caps removed and Valve open
Reached 350 rather quickly
Capped 2 and valve full open
At 225 degrees within 30 minutes
Held 225 Apprx. from 2000-0730 11.5 hours

Only pulled fatty off and choked to go to work.
Burned apprx. 2/3rds of my coal. That equals to about 5-6 pounds to hold 225 for 11.5 hours.

Ops/Check good as we say in the the biz! Now for the Butt

I haven't got my side mount therm. yet , so I used the Meat remote therm dropped down the exhaust just below the grate.

Here is the Storm it weathered and kept on trucking

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