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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
Just started cooking with a uds myslef. Problem I had was I started out with toooo many lit coals on top of my basket. How many did you use?? Doesn't take many, in fact my second burn(with fatty) I only lit about 6 briqs. First time I lit about 10 or 12!!!! way too many in my case. Take a look at my setup:

Good luck,

Paul B

hahha yea the first time out I got went a little trigger happy and lit quite a few with my torch. Probably lit 15 or so. I let it die out and tried again. This time I only lit 6..yes I counted them.. I lit them in my chimney and put them in on top with the ball valve wide open. Keep in mind mine is a 1" valve compared to a 1/2" so it should have PLENTY of air going through it. The thing would not come up to temp at all. Thats why Im thinking it may be my basket. The only other thing could be the charcoal itself. I have it stored in my carport. Its out of the weather but I recall reading somewhere about it sucking up moisture. Its still in the bag but its been out there little over a month. Walmart stores theres outside in the lawn and garden area so I dont see where it would be any diff than my carport. Im gonna try 1) my spare charcoal basket 2) some new charcoal 3) combination of those two. Im sure its one of those. Its not like there is a lot of things to be problem with a barrel.

EDIT..ill check your pic out when I get home, my work computer is a pos and I can not see pics.
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