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Just to let everybody know, I'm a certified newbie on this forum. Just registered three days ago and started reading the UDS thread (and I'm not yet done reading everything... am still on the 77th page out of 287!!) and as I read the 1,148th post courtesy of the ever so helpful and informative Norcoredneck, I was finally brought to this thread.

Very informative indeed and kudos to everyone who posted their ideas. You would never guess that an Asian like me (I'm from Manila, Philippines) will be interested in building a UDS just like the one posted by Norco. Indeed, I'm a Q lover and I've always been obsessed to learn to Q the proper way until I stumbled upon your thread. Reading a combine 91 pages for 2 days makes me feel "I BELONG" so to speak... LOL

To cut it short, I've done enough research and reading thanks to this thread again, and to the people behind it.... I got two 55 gallon drums already and it's ready for some drillin', weldin' and burnin'!! The other hardware parts are ready to be installed, grates, bolts and nuts and all, expanded metals and nipples. And lucky enough, good charcoals and your ever reliable smokin' wood chips are available in all HOME DEPOTS here.

NORCO, this is my very first UDS (and I'm quite sure you guys can't find anyone with a UDS in this part of the world except I guess for some US expats who are die-hard meat smokers themselves) and thanks to your very detailed tutorial I'll start smokin' soon!! Will post photos here and in the UDS thread soon. Wish me good luck guys...

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