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"Stop by BigDogs and he can hook you up with some Spam recipes and make sure you get Mrs. Dogs Broccoli Salad recipe."

That's funny, LArry! I'm sure BD would love to hand over some Spam recipes.
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"I'm here if you need anything. We are miles apart the rules are differant but the goal is the same. The Doc is behing you 1,000%! "
Thanks Doc, you are awesome!
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"Best wishes and make sure y'all do your homework and read the sticky on "Getting started." '
That is an awesome thread, BBS. Thanks for your support!
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BigJim's, BigDon, and TMC, thanks for the advice and comments. I hope to keep pushing forward with this and see what it takes.
I checked into the LLC through LegaZoom, and they want almost $600.00 for the LLC.
That's out of my range right now, so I will be looking for other places like LegalZoom which may be cheaper.
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