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Got Wood.
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Found some matches.

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Have read 75 pages and will read them all ,collecting parts & have a few qestions
1. Got a unlined barrel painted black on outside, is rusted a little on inside, Should I burn?
2.Went to Home Depot and Kent Building Supplies, no 22" grills asked the weekend wariors if I could order one said "no thats all we have". Can I use expanded metal?
3. No pipe but gal.No SS bolts longer than 1" threaded all the way. Got 2" carriage bolts.No 13/16" holes saws. Stepped drill $49.99 I'll wait and borrow.
4. Plan on useing 4 -4" x1/2" pipe 2" up. One with ball valve.
5. Basket will be 15" x 6" x 3/4" expanded metal.
6. Flat cover, it has a gasket on it, use or remove? How many holes and how big?
7. Grill supports will be at 26" from bottom.
8. Have a bottle opener.

So far Barrel $0
Opener $0
1/2" valve& bolts $16.17.
Will post pics when I get the parts to build.

Just finished reading entire thread, have changed nipples to 3@ 3/4" capped & 1 @ 3/4" valve all free, free Kingsford lid but will use flat lid with 8-1/2" holes for starters.Found a supply of free barrels am tradeing one to a fellow brethern for a 22" grill. Digial remote thermo @ Wal-Mart $10, 23" half grills $5 each. Thanks to all for the info. Now to start smoking at 48 years old!!
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