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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Thanks for the advise.

I am not insured or licensed. I'm only doing this because it's a private event and most people who cater for a living would charge a lot more. I only cater private parties and such when requested. They approached me at home one day after work. I do not advertise and I do not cook for the general public. My business comes by word of mouth only. I've turned down a lot of jobs due to health dept rules but I've not had one complaint the three years I've been doing this. I do it for my family to bring in extra money. I've always heard that if you are really good at something you should never give it away. I've done that to much already.

We purchased enough to feed 300 based on the fact that most of what they are eating will be sausage wraps which is what they wanted mainly. If most get two or three wraps then that adds up quick if you have 125 players. Were adding sandwiches for variety. Were feeding them before the tournament, after the tournament, and I'll be set up by the 9th hole for anyone wanting food as they pass through.

I cook all the time here locally. It all started with a block party I did and the next thing I know I'm getting pounded with requests. I've never charged a church a dime and have cooked for 400 on more than one occasion. If they had to pay somebody else or hire someone else like a restaurant, then yes there would have been formalities. I know these guy's well so to make it easier we just all shook hands and called it a deal.

That will probably not work in many places nowdays but it still does where I live here in West Texas.
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