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Charitable event, you're not a pro? I'd do it for the cost of supplies and chalk the event up to experience and the good feeling you get by allowing more money to go to the charitable event.

Choosing to "cater" is not just what's the price, there are liabilities and responsibilities that come with being the "food guy". I don't have insurance or a license or anything else to call my self a caterer. What I do is go over and cook at friends places. More often than not I cook for the cost associated with the meat and coal and wood, I don't build a profit in to my plan, because I am not legitimate yet, but if and when I do, then I will build a profit into it. Now I am learning, learning how to cook for 300, feed 400 and get it all right. If they want a caterer, refer them to someone that knows the business, could use the business, then ask them if you can help. Lot's to learn!! Scott
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