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Mark- That was an idea I had (#49), and I think it would work well for any drum that's too big for a ready-made lid. I ordered the Arctic lid today- $27.50, plus $20 for shipping and handling. That's kinda spendy, but for an all-stainless UDS (Ultimate Drum Smoker) I think it's worth it. Where else could you get an all-stainless smoker for that? I also ordered a bunch of different stainless options- some handles, hooks to hang tools on, SS U-bolts for grate racks, etc. If the Arctic lid is too small, I'll add the strip of SS to the inside of the bead, which is about 22.4" in diameter. I figured I can seal it with hi-temp RTV if the fit isn't perfect. I'm coming to find from reading the various threads that a good seal on the lid is vital to controlling temperature.

I wouldn't try to stretch the Arctic lid- it would be too hard to do it cleanly. I was thinking of trying instead to pound the bead of the drum inward with a BFH. Since my drum is sealed, I could pound on it pretty hard. Once it's cut, it wouldn't work. I'm afraid that pounding on it too much will distort the bead, though, and harm the seal. I just have to cool my jets til the lid gets here.
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