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Originally Posted by MushCreek View Post
I got a price today from Arctic, so I'm going to order the lid, and see how (if) it fits. I thought of trying to roll the bead inward, since my drum is still sealed. I grabbed it with a big pair of pipe pliers and tried to bend it inward- didn't budge. I'll try the BFH and see what happens- that ought to piss off the neighbors! I'm also collecting all of the other bits and pieces for my build- all SS, other than the fire basket.
The thought and the sound (literally) of spending money for a new lid and pounding it larger to fit the barrel just pains me.

Here's my suggestion. Get a strip of steel that is 2" wide by 72.4" (where 72.4" = 23.03125 times Pi rounded up) Tack weld, bolt or pop rivit that to the existing lip of the drum to make a new smaller lip projecting above the existing lip.
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