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Originally Posted by MushCreek View Post
Hey Paul- I measured my drum, and it's exactly 23-1/32". My Weber lid is about 1/4" too small. You can kind of balance it on there, but I don't like it. I'm going to call Arctic tomorrow and see if they'll sell me a lid. If it's too small, I'm going to add a strip of SS to the inside of the bead, sticking up about 1/4" above the bead. I'll screw or rivet it in place, and use Hi-temp RTV to caulk it. I wish I could weld it in, but I'm not set up for SS. My friendly local welder would be too expensive. I got my fire basket done this weekend- I'll post pics when I get the rest of it done. I'm still toying with ideas for lower vent control. I was thinking about SS tubing coming up to the top of the drum, with some kind of valve at 'operator level'. Boat railing and fittings might be cool looking (but spendy). I also thought of using copper pipe, polished to a nice shine, which would offset nicely against the SS, but it would have to be maintained
to look good. I'm going for a classy look, like yours. Definitely not in the 'ugly' category!
Drip enough BBQ sauce on the exterior and it will soon develop a nice brass patina. That way, you won't have to wear welding goggles to cook on it.
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