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A very good question.
KCBS is a large company, which sanctions nearly 300 contest, has over 10k membership and a large budget. The Board does not only deal with issues over competition, but sets the philosophy for the the company. The Board is asked to approve contractual relationships with vendors and organizers. The Board has to be in compliance with the new 990 requirements.
Two months ago, we approved a contract to change the office to a server based computer system. We relied upon those with knowledge to advise if this was a good proposal. (fortunately it was) Our web site is much improved but has room for more. Our e-mail system and conference call capabilities. Our scoring program is old and is being worked upon. The technology opportunities for our organization are still in its infancy. How about live feeds from awards ceremonies? (just dreaming right now)

The responsibilities of a member of the Board is much more than cooking and judging. Those will always be a priority, but this is a business which needs expertise to grow and prosper. Don't forget each board member can have personal liability for improper conduct of the business. There will always be a need for those with various skill set to help our organization in the future.

Of course this is only my opinion.
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