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Originally Posted by MushCreek View Post
I'm 'legal' now- what better place to start than the mother-of-all-UDS threads? Actually, that's how i found this site in the first place. What started all of this was finding a stainless steel drum a couple days ago, and I knew I wanted to build a smoker out of it. I've been looking for an SS drum for years! After hours of exhaustive research (did any one tell you guys that this thread is LONG?!) I've decided that a UDS is the direction I'll go. Tomorrow morning I'll start annoying the neighbors while I get the drum ready. Mine is a sealed head, so I'll start by cutting that off. I have some expanded plate to make a fire pit and grates out of. I'm still trying to decide on a lid. My Weber lid sorta fits, but it's a little small. I put a feeler out to Arctic about their SS grill lid. I've also found SS bowls and wok covers that are big enough.

I'm a tool and die maker by trade, so the actual building will be the easy part, once I gather my materials. I'm still tinkering with ideas to adjust the bottom vents. I might just make little swiveling doors with tension springs to hold them in place. I also thought about making an internal sleeve with holes that line up with the vent holes. I could turn the sleeve to adjust the vents. The ball valves are great, but I don't like it sticking out so far. Stay tuned......

Mush....I have a thread on my SS UDS (stainless steel uds ). I kept mine totally SS with only a couple tiny execptions. I do have an Arctic SS domed lid. I didn't quite fit even after hammering down the edge so I did an additional mod and added 4 #10(I think) bolts to align the lid and keep it on. Worked good but I also added some furnace gasket because the nuts on the bolts held it a lite 1/8 inch above the rim of the drum.

On my first burn I couldn't control the temps worth a hoot!! Problem solved as it is humming along as I write at about 230*. Even cooked a fattie with swiss cheese and black olives. I also used a damper from a BGE(pricey) but with the keeping all SS. My wife calls it the mine rocket and asks when is it taking off!!!!!! Got my racks half price roughly and I had an old metal milk crate for the fire basket. Had the turkey fryer thermoneters (12") and mounted them about 1/2" below each grate. And bought a digital for sticking the meat. All in all I have only $135 in it. Got my SS drum at a garage sale for a mere $5.00!!!!

I'll try and locate my thread and post it.

Paul B
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