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Default Additional mod to SS UDS

I needed to add 4 bolts to the rim of the new SS lid to help center and keep it from sliding off!! That was a good fix execpt that now it sits about a lite 1/8th inch off the drum. So off to the fireplace store for some furnace gasket material. Here are a couple of pics:

The red stuff is high temp silcone engine gasket maker. I got a tube of stove gasket cement with the furnace gasket but is was too hard to squeeze out of the tube. Must have been old?? I wanted to get this glued on so I used the high temp gasket goo. Should hold.

Now I can't wait for either friday afternoon or sat morning so I can see how this thing will run temp wise. Had trouble with the first run, but got it seasoned. I think I need to start with fewer lit coals and let temps come up more slowly.

I'll report back................

Paul B
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