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I beg the courts indulgence for not having petitioned this honourable assemblage earlier. I had been under the impression that only prepared frozen meatball could be submitted for judgment to this most august organization. Having been informed by another Brethren, this was no longer the case, I have taken it upon myself to place this petition before you for your findings.

I hereby request that the following photographs be placed into evidence, as exhibits 1 thru 8, and that they further serve in the certification process verifying myself, Marc A Leone, sole proprietor and chef of "The Life of Brine" competition BBQ team (Backyard Burners) as an OFFICIALLY Certified MOINK Ball Maker, pursuant to the rules, regulations and guidelines, as set forth and implemented by the governing body of the International MOINK Ball Appreciation Society (IMBAS).

Exhibit I; Ground beef, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper powder, green onions, egg and bread crumbs:

Exhibit II; The above ingredient were then hand mixed and rolled in balls, the approximate size of a golf-ball:

Exhibit III; These balls were then wrapped in a 1/2 length piece of hardwood smoked bacon. The bacon was then secured to the balls with small reed skewers:

Exhibit IV; The assembled and skewered balls were then dusted with a proprietary blend of spices:

Exhibit V; The dusted balls were then transferred to my Brinkmann Smoke N Grill, also known as ECB (El Cheapo Brinkmann), along with some Armadillo Eggs and ABT's (Atomic Buffalo Turds) which in reality had no ABT (Anal Burn Time):

Exhibit VI; The ECB is portrayed at work, with a few chunks of hickory. The balls were smoked at a temperature of approximately 230* for 1 1/2 hours. The heat was then increased to approximately 265* to crisp up the bacon for approximately 30 minutes. Additional hot coals were added to achieve this and the water pan was removed:

Exhibit VII; The balls were then glazed in a proprietary sauce and allowed to set for 15 minutes before removal. Here they are seen along side there cousins the Armadillo Eggs:

Exhibit VIII; The plated balls, Armadillo Eggs and ABT's set out for dinner along with some curried chicken, rice and watermelon.

The petitioner requests that the evidence submitted be reviewed by the governing body of IMBAS and if deemed worthy, the bacon wrapped meatballs be OFFICIALLY Certified as MOINK Balls and the petitioner be immediately and forever known as an OFFICIALLY Certified MOINK Ball Maker.

The petitioner thanks you for your time.
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