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Originally Posted by Prairie Smoke View Post
I will definitely walk it when we get there but I need an idea now.
I'm printing out my timeline, just need to know how much time to budget for the walk... 5 minutes? 10? 15?
If the map is to proportion, you have a about a 1750 foot walk if you follow the directions below:

go left out of your camp, take a right on applewood dr, left on bar-b-q blvd and follow that around to the east side of the awards building. When you get to space 667 (my spot) take a right to go inside the doors and you'll see turn ins. Or follow Wyoming Street all the way around to lot C, might have less people walking it and could be faster.

Are you quick like a cat or more like a tortoise? What's an average walking speed? 3.5 miles per hour? At that pace it will take about 5:41 to get there - assuming you can keep the 3.5 mph pace the entire route. At a 3 mph pace it will take 6:39.

Math based on:
3.5 miles per hour - 5280*3.5=18480/60=308 feet a minute x distance
3 miles per hour - 5280*3=15840/60=264 feet a minute x distance
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