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Burn out postponed due to rain! Got the knockouts done at 1", 3 holes. Lid 2" for exhaust. Lid cleaned right off with knotted wire on drill. I think water got down in the edge of the drum lid as the seal was coiled in the bottom of the barrel. Rust lift the liner? Came off easy enough though. Hit in drum inside and didn't hardly scratch the liner. Tough stuff.

I have to say there should be a warning at the beginning of this. "Take NOTES. Bookmark often." Going back to look for items is difficult to say the least. I mean I know I saw it somewhere but was it page 57 97 or 117 I know it had a seven in it.

One question so far .... Is there a optimum size or consensus size for a fire basket(s)? I like the wire egg crate design and have several to use. But I will wait and go with expanded metal when I can get it shipped in. A standard fire grate at 16" or whatever that is then expanded metal 9" high would work. But what about small duration burns? An insert ring of ??? size? or just lock it down so a normal load goes out?
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