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well for our typical cookoffs we have a large pit. I isn't an offset smoker but it is large enough that we can set a coals at one end and cook at the other...I would guess about 250 gallon propane tank. After our first cookoff, we figured out that we weren't getting enough smoke on our meat especially the brisket so we are going to start trying wood chunks to add some smoke.

For the ribs, we have been cooking about 4 hours straight. The first time we mopped about every hour and they turned out ok. This last time we didn't mop but after about 1:30 hours we started to baste with sauce. Is this too soon? Should we wait until the last hour to baste with sauce?

We know another team that cooks in our area that we are good friends with...they typically do a brown sugar or honey rib that typically hits top 5 in the cook offs...we're just trying to try something new that may be able to upset them!
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