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Originally Posted by AginAustin View Post
thanks for the comments...I really appreciate it. Does anyone have any more to comment about the bend & toothpick tests? I don't really want to end up with fall of the bone ribs at the next cook off

Texas know Austin wasn't my first choice coming from College Station but that's where employment led isn't too bad of a town.

Any comments about Blues Hog Sauce? Any other recommendations for sauces to baste ribs with before turn in?
Can you give a little more info on your existing technique and what youre cooking on?

I'm not much on toothpicks for ribs (other things, yes), Bending/poking - YES!

If you're using anything like the 3-1-1 method, it's an easy adjustment.

Oh yeah - definitely pull them membranes. Sauce is a big variable, and it's usually said that you need to adjust to your target - it varies regionally and judge to judge. Blues hog is good, but fairly distinctive. You may want to use something like that as a base, and modify it.
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