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Default A few questions from a rookie

I've been browsing the forums the last few days until my account was activated so I've learned quite a bit from you guys. I'm currently on a cookoff team and we've done decent in our last 2 cookoffs...well here it goes...
1. Regarding the bend test/toothpick test to see if your ribs are done, are these tests used for competition ribs? If so, I'm sure that will help our team out since our ribs usually don't turn out really tender
2. How is the blues hog sauce? It seems to come pretty highly recommended here...I've been thinking about buying some to try on our competition ribs.
3. Is it pretty much a concensus that competition ribs should be trimmed to St. Louis cut? We have been pulling the spares out, seasoning them, and throwing them on the pit membrane and all.

Thanks in advance,
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