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Originally Posted by QuietOne View Post
My first post so please be gentle. I'm only to post # 2371, page # 159 by my monitor.

I'm convinced to build a UDS. Finding the drum is the thing of course. I'm at the end of the road in the NWT Canada. I've located reconditioned drums in Calgary Alberta, unpainted or lined, for a fair amount then shipping to here is another 132$. Total cost is about 250$ + or - a bit.

I can get fuel barrels here in town for next to nothing. Diesel fuel or gas of various types. If I were to do a "night glow" on a drum for a few hours (where the metal is so hot it glows like a hot air balloon fired up at night) and do that say Friday night and Saturday night and brush it out with a coil on Sunday. Would that be sufficient and safe for cooking on?

The next question is temperatures here are ... well it's winter 8 months of the year. How well will a UDS handle -40C? H20loo has already given me some advice with his blanket thermalshield wrap and one heck of an idea for a major build down the road, but any advice on using a UDS in -30C to -45C weather would be appreciated.

I grill now all year round. Charcoal or LPG and I've done smoked ribs etc down to -30C in a kettle over 6 hours, hard as hell to maintain temperatures but it is doable. So can I get the UDS hot enough to overcome -40 for 8 hours? Consistency is the key. Don't lift the LID.

Probably only a handful of people on here who have any idea what -40C or -40F feels like and fewer that have cooked in it. I haven't!! Talk You will have no problem tho if you shelter your barrel from wind and wrap it so its not losing all your heat thru the thin sheet metal. I would forgo a weber lid as you may have more trouble with loss of heat than the benefit of additional cooking space.

So Northern Lights really isn't atmospheric conditions but rather its you northern guys just messin' with fuel barrels and "night glows"??
Don't forget pictures as I'm sure many of us have no idea what its like up there.
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