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Originally Posted by Ksmoker1 View Post
foil working, dropped to 240. I think we have our culprit! My old char griller was laughing at me, but who's laughing now?!

When you say you have a problem keeping the temp down, how do you have your inlet. Is it open all the way, how big is it? how many?

I have a problem to get mine over 250 without opening more holes at the bottom or leaving the top off for a bit. I have 4 3/4 inch holes and one of them has the ball valve and usually(no wind) I have it almost fully open and I hold a temp at about 225. sometimes I do have to open another about a 1/4 or so to maintain temp.

Also my fire ring is made with a 18 inch weber grill and expanded metal so it fairly big, I use just a chimmy starter to start it. It too use a weber top and have smoke coming out the sides of it. I thought I had to use tinfoil a couple times but found out that I had alot of ash at the bottom blocking air flow.

If you posted any of this before, disregard my questions lol, im drunk and going to bed. just finished some Canadian bacon for a coworker sliced and vacuum sealed, ready for tomorrow.
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