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My first post so please be gentle. I'm only to post # 2371, page # 159 by my monitor.

I'm convinced to build a UDS. Finding the drum is the thing of course. I'm at the end of the road in the NWT Canada. I've located reconditioned drums in Calgary Alberta, unpainted or lined, for a fair amount then shipping to here is another 132$. Total cost is about 250$ + or - a bit.

I can get fuel barrels here in town for next to nothing. Diesel fuel or gas of various types. If I were to do a "night glow" on a drum for a few hours (where the metal is so hot it glows like a hot air balloon fired up at night) and do that say Friday night and Saturday night and brush it out with a coil on Sunday. Would that be sufficient and safe for cooking on?

The next question is temperatures here are ... well it's winter 8 months of the year. How well will a UDS handle -40C? H20loo has already given me some advice with his blanket thermalshield wrap and one heck of an idea for a major build down the road, but any advice on using a UDS in -30C to -45C weather would be appreciated.

I grill now all year round. Charcoal or LPG and I've done smoked ribs etc down to -30C in a kettle over 6 hours, hard as hell to maintain temperatures but it is doable. So can I get the UDS hot enough to overcome -40 for 8 hours? Consistency is the key. Don't lift the LID.
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