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Originally Posted by Beast Drinker View Post
I have a question on the BBQ sauce it can be any sauce you like right? or does it have to be a real sugary one? say I want to try some of this in it? the hot one packs some kick but its a vinegar based sauce.

I'd go with whatever sauce you like. You won't find BBQ sauce listed in most recipes you will find in books, but when you try any of the Brunswick served at BBQ restaurants, it will definitely be there. Some places (such as Williamson Brothers here in Marietta, Georgia) put in way too much sauce for my liking.
If your sauce has a ton of vinegar, you might want to just start with 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce and then taste after a couple of hours. Or you might want to just skip adding the cider vinegar and use more sauce. I added the vinegar to my recipe to counter the sweetness from the BBQ sauce, but if your sauce is high in vinegar you might not need it.
It's always wise to start on the low end, taste after a couple of hours, then add accordingly. Once you have too much vinegar you are pretty much screwed at that point, and everybody has different tolerances for the taste of vinegar. What I might consider the perfect amount of vinegar, someone else might find appalling.
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